Pampered Pet Grooming and Supply

Common Pet Grooming Question and Answers.

How long does it take to groom my pet?
Answer: This all depends on the type of haircut being done, as well as the temperament of the pet. For a full grooming which includes a haircut, we estimate about 2 hours. A bath and brush out we estimate about 1 hour. 

Do you Groom cats?
Answer: Yes. We know they can be a bit more difficult than dogs, but all of our staff is very experienced with cat handling and grooming. 

Do I need an appointment to get my pets nails cut?
Answer: No appointment is needed to cut nails. All pets’ nails are walk-in welcome open to close. 

Do you only cut dogs nails?
Answer: No, we also cut Cat, Guinea Pig, Rats, and Rabbits nails. 

Does my pet need to be bathed in order to have a haircut? 
Answer: Our grooming comes as a package, which includes a bath. To get the best quality groom and to protect possible damage/clogging to the equipment, a bath is always done before the haircut.

Do you crate the pets?
Answer: We do allow the pets to roam free with us while we groom, but crating is always an option, and is always the pet owner’s choice. Cats are always placed in their carriers to keep separate from the dogs. 

Can I stay with my pet while being groomed?
Answer: For the safety and ease of the pet and grooming process, we request the owners to leave us a phone number or we can provide a pickup time. This helps relieve any anxiety for the pet. 

Do you groom hard to handle pets?
Answer: With our highly experienced staff we are always willing to give anything a try.  We very rarely have to send a pet home. It is our belief that the more a pet can visit the groomer, the more comfortable they will become.