​​Small $65 and up

Med Dog $75 and up

​Large $80 and up

​X Large $120 and up​​

Sm-Med Doodle & Poodles $85-$100 

Large Doodles & Poodles $120 and up

Complete Pet Grooming Prices

Please note:
Extra matting charge will be charged depending on the condition of your pet. Extra handling fee will be charged for hard to handle pets.

*New Prices effective 4/25/2022

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Grooming Includes:

Bath & Brush

Warm natural or medicated bath*, Ear care (plucking and/or cleaning), Anal glad expression, Blow dry
Comb and brush out, Shedding/de-matting**, Cut/style, Nail trim and Bandanna (upon request).

Grooming Prices  Updated 8/17/2022

Pampered Pet Grooming and Supply

Small Dog $40 and up

Med Dog   $50 and up

Large Dog $70 and up

X Large     $80 and up

Sm-Med Doodle and Poodles NA

Large Doodles and Poodles    NA


Nail Grinding                       $ 9.00

Teeth Brushing                    $ 6.00

Deep Conditioning               $ 7.00

Medicated Shampoo*          $ 8.00

Flea dip                                $ 9.00

Deshedding (undercoat)**    $10.00

Walk-in services:

Nails: $15

Nails & Ears: $20

Nail Grinding: $21 

Ears only $7.00

Call ahead services:

Glands $10

Teeth Brushing $6*

*must be combined with another service